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What is Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)?

MAGI is all taxable income PLUS tax free bond income, foreign income and all Social Security income 


a). IRA, SEP and other retirement plan contributions 

b). HSA contributions

c). Self employed health insurance deduction (don't expect this one to last) 

d). 1/2 of self employment tax

e). Educator expense

f). Alimony paid

g). Student loan interest

h). Moving expense

Beware of "surprise" income:

a). Capital gains from reallocation of investment accounts

b). Cashing savings bonds

c). Lottery and gambling winnings

d). Retirement plan income (including inherited IRAs and Annuities)

e). Year end bonuses

f). Sale of real estate which is over the gain exclusion or that is not your primary residence

g). Recapture of business use of home when selling home.

h). State income tax refunds from prior year