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AccessHealthCT is on a campaign to verify income for people who are receiving a health insurance Advanced premium Tax Credit (ATPC also referred to as subsidy).


Unfortunately, for many, it is not possible to prove what their 2014 income WILL be.  The subsidy is not based on past income, but instead on projected 2014 Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI).


The calculation of MAGI counts net self employment income, interest and dividends, State tax refunds, IRA and HSA contributions and many other yet to be determined for 2014 items.


Despite this challenge, AccessHealthCT is taking what limited information people are able to provide and adjusting their subsidy and income assumptions.  This is causing net premium to go up or down. Many are finding themselves enrolled under the State Medicaid program against their wishes.  Once the income and subsidy amounts are monkey-ed with, it is difficult to get things straightened back out.


We are working to find a solution to this problem, but answers are slow to come from AHCT.


For now, take the proof of income process very seriously. Make sure the documentation that you send matches the income you projected when enrolling.